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Santa Barbara Residence
  • The Santa Barbara Residence
  • The Santa Barbara Residence
  • The Santa Barbara Residence

Beautiful Homes on the Island of Cyprus

Browse our unique Cyprus villas and bungalows and find out what makes our homes so different. We are sure you will find one that defines you. Country Rose has created unique real estate with villas and bungalows that combine natural stone and wood with the latest architect designs that blend into the natural environment. Country Rose has a number of developments and we are sure that you will find one that suits you.


Country Rose Ethos

The Country Rose ethos is to combine the latest developments in architectural design, energy saving processes and resource recycling with charming traditional designs. Our focus has to change towards homes that are ecologically friendly and easy to live with.

We continually strive to improve the quality and the performance of our homes. We believe that we can achieve this without compromising the natural environment and to that end we have adopted Where nature and quality become home as our mission statement.